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Fast Flash

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Fast Flash Self Adhesive and very workable lead replacement

Fast Flash – quick weatherproof flashing
Fast Flash consists of aluminium stretch netting cast in environmentally friendly polymer rubber.Fast Flash is self-adhesive on the reverse and protected by cover foil that is removed before installation. Fast Flash is available in rolls in three standard size and comes in grey, black and brick red.

Self-adhesive flashing for any roof project

Fast Flash is ideal for anywhere requiring a quick and secure flashing solution. Fast Flash can be installed on roofs with a slope of min. 5° and on almost all roof materials. Fast Flash is environmentally friendly and easy to install as the reverse is self- adhesive, as well as being flexible and very workable. 


Easy to Install

Light weight, easy to trim and fully self-adhesive

Slower set Adhesive

Allows time for repositioning

Flexible and very workable

Malleable and stretchable. Dresses well to all profiles.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium stretch netting cast in polymer rubber

Size Ranges - Numbers 0-9

Available in Black and Grey EPDM, and Red Silicone

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