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Dektite Retrofit

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Retrofit Original When it has to flash around, not over

Most commonly used when flashing around an existing penetration when sliding the flashing  down the pipe is not an option. The unique patented zip lock does not require separate clips –  just clamp it together.

Available in Black and Grey EPDM or Red Silicone
EPDM will withstand contstant temperatures at the roofline of-50 °C (-58°F) to 115°C (239°F) and up to 150°C (302°F) intermittently.
Red Silicone will withstand constant temperatures at the roofline of -50° C (-58°F) to 200°C (392° F) and up to 250°C (482° F) intermittently. Please Note That the outside temperature of the pipe may be significantly different to the exit temperature of the appliance.


Fast and Efficient installation

Wraps around existing or difficult to access pipes

Snaps together in seconds

The built-in crimp means no loose clips or rivets

Grips tight and stays tight

Made from DEKS quality polymer compound

Our base makes easy work

Aluminium base conforms to roof with ease

Twenty year warranty

Just fit it and forget it – we’ve got you covered

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