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Dekfast Washers

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Ultimate Sealing and Strength

Secure the roof with the improved loading and sealing of a Dekfast.

DEKS Multiseal EPDM washer is a high performance washer made from a high quality non-conductive EPDM rubber material with aluminium backing.

The Multiseal range of washers are ideal for metal roof applications that require high strentgth, UV, Ozone and corrosion resistantce. The Dekfast multiseal washer has been designed to seal in four locations, offering ultimate sealing and protection.

Four sealing points for extra protection

Each Dekfast washer is designed to seal 4 locations. This seals both roof and fasteners to provide the ultimate security.


A metal face for extra strength

EPDM encapsulated a metal support for great strength

Engineered Load distribution

Designed to minimize distortion

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium backed washers for ultimate corrosion resistance

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