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Forms and stretches to solve all those flashings problem

Dekstrip or expansion joint is one of the most versatile and expandable lead-free flashing that DEKS offers today. It utilises a specially formulated rubber polymer and is offered in varying widths and roll lengths to suit multiple applications. 

It is used for expansion joints in walls, gutters and is an ideal flashing solution for large round or square penetrations, valleys, chimneys, bull nose roofs and skylights. One of the greatest advantages is the ability to use it to flash between different materials and the unique concertina aluminium edge allows it to stretch 25%. The surface is paintable thus making it an ideal roof flashing product for any application.


Flashes hi-rib & standing seam profiles

Stretch and form to fit and seal

Flash between dissimilar materials

Handles vibration and expansion

Twenty year warranty

Just fit it and forget it – we’ve got you covered

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